11 July, 2011

Unofficial Polling: Sexy Question for Trans Women

So I'd been browsing for...novelties, lately, and an interesting question came up as I browsed. And I realized it was a question I'd love to ask people, but then, how do I go about with that? So, I figured, why not try to foster a discussion on this here blog.

Now, even though I've posted some words and body references in the past, I tried to make those references as clinical as possible. This one is probably not going to be like that, so I'm posting the question after the jump. I want to hear your opinion; all trans women who employ this technique.

Question: What is your opinion on strap-on usage? For reference, you can add your sexual orientation and/or operative status.

My personal answer is obviously just my own. While I was browsing for new dildos and checking out some new harnesses that have come out lately, I noticed that there's an interesting variety of harnesses. Some are clearly very femme, like the "La Femme" and its frilly pelvic piece, and others, like the trans-male oriented "SpareParts Jocque". I also saw a new one with two holes, designed for a penis-equipped body, allowing one hole to function as a cock ring. They're advertising it for double penetration (which is amazing, btw), but I instantly thought of a non-op lesbian trans woman I met once that lamented her loss of "function" as a top.

For me, my mental perspective as a post-op lesbian, is that I love to please my partner. Do I love to bottom? Yes, I do, in many ways. But I'm equally a top, and very happy to have a functioning clitoris to stimulate behind my dildo. For me, it's a very feminine experience, actually. To see my partner pleased, and knowing I have a partner who loves to be penetrated, I will do exactly what I both enjoy and what any lesbian would do in my mind; buckle in and enjoy the ride!

At the same time, before my surgery, I still preferred my strap-on. Only one person, my most beloved, that I have ever felt close enough with to use my actual equipment, and even then, I didn't usually get off on it myself. My own dysphoria held me back a lot in that regard. Luckily not a problem, anymore.

But I also see butch women that see these tools as aspects of their masculine side. And to a similar but more obvious extent, trans men. I totally see that angle and respect that. Like I said, it's hard not to see that when you actually go shopping for them; some are clearly masculine and some more feminine. Perhaps that's why I am drawn to the ones that have a more feminine appeal. And I have no further dysphoria with employing this technique.

Currently, I have an Aslan Commando harness, which is cheaper, but not the most comfortable one, and a Tantus silicone dildo, easy to clean and a great size for my fiancée's preferences. I'm looking into a double-ender, the Nexus Jr., in the near future, but haven't had the free cash to drop down on it. If you (or your partner) have your own preferences, put them down as well.

Obviously this is all optional, but I'm curious to see what some other girls think. Thanks!

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