24 April, 2011

Another year...

At 1550 hrs Central Time today, 24th April, I will have turned 24. It's an interesting feeling at this point in the ball game. I guess I should be used to it all things considered, but for some reason I'm not.

This time last year, I had just moved to LA from a miserable little suburb of the FBI's most dangerous American city and immediately started a new school. A school that turned out to be a very poor match for me, but that's another story. I was only full time for a year, and my hormone therapy was still pretty damn early. And I made some strange decisions at times. Hey, I was single and lonely. It nearly got me raped - again.

Part of what has strengthened me has been not only learning from my experiences, but learning what not to do. I have developed a new appreciation for self defense and pro active caution. And part of how I have healed from this has been to talk through it. I would wish it on no one, and I suppose that's why I try to be mindful of warning others.

In the past year, I've met the most amazing woman in the world. Her being here in my life has really changed a  lot about me, in ways I never would have thought. And all in good ways, too. I guess I never thought I'd really be wearing a ring, either. I'm incredibly happy.

And I'm happy for one other thing. My incongruence towards my genitals has been a life long struggle, and I was fortunate enough to be able to fix it early in my life. Seems like I can finally have a new goal. Of course, there are many goals in our lives at any given time, but I know one thing is for sure:

I'm gonna be a fucking rock star.

23 April, 2011

Final Recovery Post?

Maybe? I'm not making any guarantees, but the way things are going, it's likely so. Maybe I'll actually start writing about some of the other things going on soon, but for now, you get another one of these.

I last updated that the sensitivity in my clitoris has finally gone done to the point of tolerance. That continues to hold true, and I appear to have levelled off perfectly. Stimulating my clitoris now has an exclusively pleasurable effect with no pain - and the pleasure is certainly amazing. It has changed my habits a little, and I will continue to experiment for quite some time. In addition, the last time I saw even a small drop of blood was almost two weeks ago. I'm no longer afraid to try, which had been a problem up until very recently.

One other thing has come up lately. It may not be a big deal, but then again, I'm not entirely sure. I seem to be urinating at an unexpected angle - much more forward than I was before, and sharply to the left. I have no idea why, but we feel like I should keep an eye on it, just in case.

Not a lot more to add on the subject anymore. So I'll keep it short for today.

10 April, 2011

About Damn Time...

There's a couple of different ways that title could be read. For one, yes, I'm actually updating almost a month later. And for two...

There hasn't been much quantifiable progress on my road to full recovery. But I have made some small strides, at the very least. I had been still dealing with a post operative fluid discharge around my clitoris for some time now. Only recently has this finally begun to diminish. It is not completely gone, but there is hardly any to be seen. This has been very fortunate, as it can stain undergarments rather easily. Luckily, with that almost out of my system completely, I'm no longer concerned with it.

There's no nice way to phrase this part, which is connected to the previous. I had a bit of an odor problem, and it seemed to have two sources. During the previous issues with the dead skin shedding, it was considerably worse. Now, there is still some associated with the fluid, but it is not as bad. And as the fluid discharge is diminishing, so too is the odor. It is a bit different from anything either of us can describe in detail. All I can say is that it's there, regardless of how well the area is cleaned.

Finally, clitoral sensation. Previously, my clitoris was so sensitive that it could actually be painful, almost like a "stinging" sensation, if I were stimulated even mildly. Very recently I have noticed that the stinging is gone, though I am still sensitive to a satisfactory degree. I've been taking it very easy on the sexual activity, at times abstaining for a full week or more at a time, to allow not only more time to heal, but also because of the sensitivity issue. Too much, to the point of pain, can be a bit disorienting, and at times even frightening to myself and my love. Luckily, I believe the end to be in sight on this matter.

Then maybe I can start coming up with something more interesting to write about, eh?