10 April, 2011

About Damn Time...

There's a couple of different ways that title could be read. For one, yes, I'm actually updating almost a month later. And for two...

There hasn't been much quantifiable progress on my road to full recovery. But I have made some small strides, at the very least. I had been still dealing with a post operative fluid discharge around my clitoris for some time now. Only recently has this finally begun to diminish. It is not completely gone, but there is hardly any to be seen. This has been very fortunate, as it can stain undergarments rather easily. Luckily, with that almost out of my system completely, I'm no longer concerned with it.

There's no nice way to phrase this part, which is connected to the previous. I had a bit of an odor problem, and it seemed to have two sources. During the previous issues with the dead skin shedding, it was considerably worse. Now, there is still some associated with the fluid, but it is not as bad. And as the fluid discharge is diminishing, so too is the odor. It is a bit different from anything either of us can describe in detail. All I can say is that it's there, regardless of how well the area is cleaned.

Finally, clitoral sensation. Previously, my clitoris was so sensitive that it could actually be painful, almost like a "stinging" sensation, if I were stimulated even mildly. Very recently I have noticed that the stinging is gone, though I am still sensitive to a satisfactory degree. I've been taking it very easy on the sexual activity, at times abstaining for a full week or more at a time, to allow not only more time to heal, but also because of the sensitivity issue. Too much, to the point of pain, can be a bit disorienting, and at times even frightening to myself and my love. Luckily, I believe the end to be in sight on this matter.

Then maybe I can start coming up with something more interesting to write about, eh?

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