23 April, 2011

Final Recovery Post?

Maybe? I'm not making any guarantees, but the way things are going, it's likely so. Maybe I'll actually start writing about some of the other things going on soon, but for now, you get another one of these.

I last updated that the sensitivity in my clitoris has finally gone done to the point of tolerance. That continues to hold true, and I appear to have levelled off perfectly. Stimulating my clitoris now has an exclusively pleasurable effect with no pain - and the pleasure is certainly amazing. It has changed my habits a little, and I will continue to experiment for quite some time. In addition, the last time I saw even a small drop of blood was almost two weeks ago. I'm no longer afraid to try, which had been a problem up until very recently.

One other thing has come up lately. It may not be a big deal, but then again, I'm not entirely sure. I seem to be urinating at an unexpected angle - much more forward than I was before, and sharply to the left. I have no idea why, but we feel like I should keep an eye on it, just in case.

Not a lot more to add on the subject anymore. So I'll keep it short for today.

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