08 May, 2011

Roller Coaster Says What, Again?

What a ride. It's nowhere near over, but at the same time, I think an update is in order.

When last I wrote of my roommate, I mentioned that she had calmed down somewhat. Turns out that was bullshit. She had been harboring her own resentments towards me for some time that had recently surfaced. When her friend offered her a bailout, she took it. That was about a month ago.

Fortunately, Elizabeth and I together each managed to bring back a decent tax return. There was enough in there to pay a month's rent. After that month, well, that was questionable. E was still having issues getting started at a new job, so both of us were still living off of just my meager pay. And now our rent just doubled.

Finally, it happened. E got her driver's license in the mail. She actually got a pretty damn good picture, too, I might add. Once we took that to the office, she was immediately offered a selection of possible posts to interview at. Fast forward a week of strangeness, which I'll let her talk about if she wants, and she's working in Santa Monica on the nights I'm in El Segundo. And it looks like we'll have the "weekends" together!

So, now we've been told we have to either move out by June. We still have no idea exactly where we're going to go, but at the very least, we'll have some options that don't include couch surfing. I mean, couch surfing is great and all, but we're an engaged couple, and we have a few belongings. A little privacy would be nice.

And maybe, from there, we can focus on getting a real life started together. We're hoping that, wherever we go, we can save money on rent and transit for long enough to get a start on our first house. Where that's going to be, I have no idea, but it sure the fuck isn't Hollyweird. Tired of this shit hole.

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