11 February, 2011


Oh, boy, has this been a fun 24 hours.

For the past couple of weeks, now, Elizabeth and I have felt the lack of privacy catch up with us. My Hollywood apartment is a studio, shared with another roommate. At first it didn't seem that bad. We'd both be home for awhile, but our school/work schedules were such that we didn't get too pissed at each other. Plus, she had a boyfriend down the hall she could crash with whenever.

Lately, their relationship has stepped back a little bit. She's home a lot more often, and that's not a bad thing, I don't think. However, she expressed a little concern with how frequently I was naked, lately. I can't help it; my readers are well aware that I've had some difficulties in recovery lately, and that means being naked for awhile for necessary maintenance. She also tended to come home, often drunk or high, at very random times, making any possible opportunity for private moments fleeting. But I could deal with that.

I began to realize that with the changeover in management a few months ago that certain policies were also changing, in ways that I did not agree with. I realized I had an "out," if I wanted it. But I am a respectful roommate above all else. Also, my roommie is graduating in 4 weeks. So, I asked her what her plans were. Nothing wrong with that.

Well, apparently it was wrong. She had no plans, and since her job was via the school, she would be losing that, soon, as well. That puts me in a bit of jeopardy, does it not? I depend on her half of the rent; I cannot carry it myself, and neither can Elizabeth. So, we came clean. We had wanted out, but were going to wait a few months so that no one would be screwed. She'd be able to take one of a couple of options:

1) We dissolve the lease and all go separate ways. Good for us, not so much for her, as she has no vehicle and can't get as far. Also with losing her job she would find it difficult. Also having home issues I am not privy to, and can't move back at the moment.
2) We vacate, allowing her to sublet the remaining space. Everybody pretty much wins as long as management, who seem rather absent, don't figure it out. They still haven't caught on to Elizabeth, so I'm not worried about that.
3) She vacates, and Elizabeth takes over her half. That's harder, as the roommie still has the issues in 1, plus Elizabeth has not yet started her job. If this options comes into play too soon, we will go into the red quick.

I explained all of this, and reemphasized that it was still months away. I got no reaction from her at the time, but by the time we had woken up for the day, we realized that the roommate was getting home from class. She had her back to us, silent. She was packing things into a trash bag (my trash bags, I might add; most of the supplies I had to buy, and Elizabeth often cleaned up her kitchen messes because she wouldn't). She then took off in silence.

She answered a single text that night, explaining how upset she was lately that she was "getting screwed again for the third time in a year." Well, sweetheart, we're not screwing you unless you want to see it that way, nor have we screwed you before. I guess some people have to make a villain out of something just to cover their own tracks and shortcomings.

So, my love and I are about to check out new dwellings. The roommie never came home last night, not even until just a few minutes ago. And that was a 30 second stop to grab a laundry bag and detergent. It's not looking good. Option 3 may be in our laps without anyone having a choice in the matter. I find it best to stay proactive in this case; have a plan.

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