20 February, 2011

Studio 02-19-11

(Cross-posted from "We Are God's Weapon" blog)

The God's Weapon team hit up The LaBoratory studio in Beverly Hills to lay down their long awaited final track, "Darkest Before the Dawn." This song has been very exciting since the very first riff was introduced months ago by guitarist Beaux Bruggman. It's taken on a life of its own, hopefully in a fashion that continues throughout our band's career. This is just the beginning of what is assuredly going to be a hard hitting, beautiful project.

Lorne started off the day by getting the drums tracked. This is often the crucial but very necessary first part of getting any studio recording done. Producer Bora Karaca's many years of recording experience comes into play throughout the process of setting up, mic'ing everything, and checking input levels before recording a single note or beat.

Since we already had scratch tracks done, and both Adam and Denise were ready to sing, they went next.

Rhythm guitars and bass came next with Traf, Beaux, and myself, and were finished swiftly. As of this writing, I had to leave to head to work before the violins were finished, but according to self-proclaimed "band groupie" and public relations, Elizabeth Mills, they were finished swiftly and are sounding "bad ass!" God's Weapon is entering a new era, especially with these latest two songs, and I believe that we can only get better from here. It's taken far too long to get this album in your hands, and we are finally going to deliver. But we have a lot more where that comes from. Stay tuned!

~Sera Wohldmann, bassist

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