05 January, 2011

Day 3

Not quite as much excitement today. Sleep was pretty hellish as painkillers came and went throughout the night. Got kinda nauseous around mealtime a couple times today. They hit me with some kind of injection and made it easier to eat. The anti-biotics and anti swelling medicines are working fine, as most of the soreness dissipated throughout the day. All in all, much better, though I stayed in bed almost the whole time, of course.

I got to talk to my baby a couple of times. I love talking to her. She makes my world in every way. As much as I love my Mom physically being here and supporting me, helping me with little things, I know she is here in spirit, and the soreness just goes away. I love you, baby :)

In the evening, they brought a walker for me. I got a chance to walk around the hospital floor, and got a quick washdown while I was up. Felt a lot better, though such a small walk was surprisingly exhausting. I got kinda dizzy and very hot. After a rest, though, I managed to do fine. My legs are very restless anyways, so I needed it.

Hoping tomorrow I should be able to get the packing out and cleaned up, and if so, a shower and a shave! Afterwards I'll probably be starting my dialating regimen. As always, I'll keep you posted.

Love you all, and thank you for the support!

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