09 January, 2011

Days 6-7

Hope you didn't think I forgot about you. Just wasn't as much to talk about at first. After being discharged, we decided to spend the first day back taking it easy. Walking was easier than before, but still a bit cumbersome - I was more waddling than walking. Still, for that first day, I needed the rest.

Early the next morning, my Aunt arrived at the hotel. We decided to head out for the day, since it would be the only day with all 3 of us. We headed down to the Crocodile Farm and Zoo. There was a bit of walking involved, but by that point, that wasn't so bad. The cab rides down were a bit tight, though, with that donut I was sitting on.

Fun day all around :) I'll catch ya later!


  1. An elephant self portrait? How wonderful!
    I hope you are recovering well. How nice to have your mom and aunt there to give you support!

    Melissa XX

  2. Yeah, those were some talented elephants :P