10 January, 2011

Day 8

Dropped Mom off at the airport today. I think she does, but I really hope she knows just how much it meant to have her there with me, for emotional support, and the physical assistance I've required, as well. And, in the end, I think one of the best things, besides catching up on how things have been in the half a crazy year since last we saw each other, how much progress we have made towards acceptance. Ultimately, that's the goal for us all. Coming from the religious upbringings that I've had, it's been difficult to see whether or not that would ever happen until very recently. I'm proud of my Mom, in that way.

In the afternoon, my Aunt, Dr. K, escorted me to the clinic for my first of a few follow up visits. Dr. Pichet gave me a "full" examination, proving how, even already I have some very notable feeling and sensation in my lady bits. Though it was a bit uncomfortable at the time, it was an enlightening experience. He told me we would hold off dilating until later, and scheduled me to return on Thursday.

At this point, I got a thorough cleanup from one of the nurses as Dr. K asked Dr. Pichet for a few more details on the procedure, as she, being an anesthesiologist and a woman, rather curious as to the finer details. Seemed like they were enjoying their little chat as colleagues, too. For now, I've retired to the hotel for the night. We'll see how the next couple days goes. My next clinic visit is on Thursday, and I may not update until then if there's nothing major going on. See you then!

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