07 January, 2011

Day 5

Wow, feels like today was a long one. Best start from the top, then...

Eventually I managed to get a sleeping pill that put me out pretty good, though it was at lest 03:30 by then. I was out pretty damn good, though, as I was still groggy when they woke me up and walked me to the OR at 08:00 sharp. At that point, the anesthesiologist greeted me with a "Good Morning" and a mask, and I was back on my ass. I woke up a good 3 hours after my 30 minute touch up. My packing and catheters were finally out and my leg mobility greatly improved. There was a minor issue with my IV coming dislodged, and I noticed it very quickly when I needed another round of painkillers. They removed the first one and put a new one in the other hand. Got a lot better after that.

They showed me my after-care regimen. It seems like a lot of steps until the swelling goes down, but I want the best result, so I'll keep it up. I can walk pretty well now, no dizziness, no walker, nothing like that.  Actually the only thing I have to wear is a good old fashioned sanitary napkin as the area drains. And by old fashioned I mean the kind that hook to an inner belt. I also am sitting on a hemorrhoid donut to keep pressure off.

All in all, it feels GREAT to have both the packing bulge and the "natural" bulge from before out of the picture. I go back to the clinic for a follow up visit on Monday. I have enough supplies until then. We'll see how the weekend goes :)

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