13 January, 2011

On recovery

Today wasn't a whole lot of anything interesting, but I did have another follow up checkup in the morning.

First thing was, like before, Dr. Pichet came in for a full examination. He told me everything is looking good, but I can't begin dilating today. He said that in some patients, the graft of skin (formerly my scrotum) takes longer to set in the vaginal canal itself. While everything else seems to be healing well, he wants to wait a little longer before I begin dilating. It shouldn't be an issue; he'd rather wait than risk tearing it, and a couple more days won't hurt me any. I stand behind his professional opinion on the matter.

That said, I made a couple of strides today, all the same. For one, my blood drainage minimized to nearly nothing. I'll have to see in the morning if I can do a full night without any stains. Here's hoping! I'm also not "spraying" when I pee nearly as badly. Most of the time I have a solid stream. VERY good progress; that's one of those totally weird feelings, especially knowing that my urethra is no longer mobile. Finally, I was given the okay to begin taking my hormones again. That felt wonderful; I made it out of what felt like an eternity without! Granted, I had almost no T going around without my testes, so that helped a bit, but I missed my estrogen.

After I got back, we took a small walk around the block. We decided to get lunch at a roadside cart; BBQ chicken! Pretty good, too. As for how safe? Meh, I feel like being adventurous while I'm here.

We got back in the afternoon, and I logged on for awhile. I got to video chat with my darling again. I love technology some days, because I get to keep in touch with everybody back home. Even my readers here, which is great, via this blog. Seeing her beautiful, smiling face instantly brightens my day. She is my world. My everything. And I can't wait to be back home, so I can fall asleep in my love's dear arms again. I love her completely, with all of my being.

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