11 January, 2011

Day 9

Today was fun! Let's start from the top.

As the morning started, we debated as to what to actually do on our other days. Eventually we decided to take a guided tour of sorts tomorrow, and spend today wandering about the city - within walking distance, at least.

We ended up  checking out whatever random stuff we could find. I like these little shrines that you find on various residential and business lots:

We eventually made our way towards this little mall. First off we grabbed an iced mocha from a little corner cart. Good stuff! We've actually had some difficulties finding decent coffee around here, and being a hot day, it hit the spot.

As we wandered around, I started to get a bit self conscious again. I had gone out without a bra. See, in the weeks before I had left, after stopping my hormones before surgery, I had put on a little weight. My bras didn't fit worth a damn, and I hadn't the time to grab anything but a pack of cheap sport bras. Granted, that made me look flat, too. I don't exactly have a lot to work with, though I suppose I'm not too bad for being all natural hormone-induced growth. There was a bra fitter in the lingerie department, so I asked for help, not knowing what kind of sizes we were working with. Eventually I managed to settle on a cute little 90 B number in baby blue with a bit of push-up and lace.

For lunch, we hit the food court. It was a very elaborate setup, with about whatever you could imagine. Even though they were all owned by the same company, they had varying flavors, including vegetarian, Japanese, Vietnamese, etc. I had the Roasted Duck and Basil Fried Rice. Got a plate full of this with a bowl of soup for 45 Baht (about $1.71 - great deal!). Great flavor, good size, and had a nice chili garlic kick, too. I'm a big fan of spicy food, by the way. (Side not: I ate some of it before I snapped the shot, it was a full plate)

Moving along, we took the road back up a ways. Passed a few private schools...

We had walked a good ways, and were on our way back by this point. We hit a little convenience store once we realized we were back on our street again, and only a block or so away. For one, we wanted drinks. Two, I needed more pads. Yeah, not afraid to say it, either. While we were shopping...

Those would be Lay's Stax in Nori Seaweed flavor, and Pringles in Grilled Shrimp. Yeah, you read that right. Believe it or not, they're actually really good:

Yeah, I'm sweaty. Turns out we had pulled a good 6 miles or so round trip. Works for me! My legs are kinda sore at the moment, but I'll be good. Besides, I could use it. Check in tomorrow for the Temple City tour!


  1. Wow! A six mile walk, in just a little over a week after surgery? You must be Supergirl! I'm so glad you are getting out and enjoying your stay there. Great pics!

    Melissa XX

  2. You don't look sweaty at all, babe... actually you look hot (and I'm not talking temperature-wise)! I'm with Melissa on this one, though, I can't believe what a trooper you are.